The following information is a summary of what attendees have been saying about our online workshop to learn the Virtual HELPS Program.

Thus far, 100% of attendees have responded very positively about the training and their excitement in using the virtual HELPS Program!

For example, using our anonymous survey after the training, 100% stated “Agree” or “Strongly Agree” to the statement, “Based on what I learned today, the HELPS Program seems like a useful way to improve elementary-aged students’ reading development.”

And of those 100% who stated Agree or Strongly Agree, the vast majority (88%) responded, Strongly Agree.

The statements below are representative of the types of comments attendees have provided after the training:

I liked the attention to detail for the digital and technological components.

The presenter knew the method and the material very well and didn't fill the time with irrelevant things.

The new virtual format, and the demonstration was realistic.

I loved the opportunities to practice and ask questions.

I am excited to try the virtual tools with my students who are all online now.