Jiayi Wang, M.S.

Project Manager and Level 2 Research Associate

Jiayi Wang joined the Helps Education Fund in 2020. She became involved with projects related to Helps Education Fund since her first year of graduate study at NC State. Jiayi has learned and implemented multiple programs supported by the Helps Education Fund, including HELPS, HELPS-SG, AMPPS, PASTEL, and COACH.

Jiayi is currently a Ph.D. student in School Psychology program at NC State, after earning her B.A. at Beijing Language and Culture University in China. She is interested in community-engaged projects examining the effectiveness of academic intervention on elementary-age students and the effectiveness of coaching on intervention fidelity. In addition, Jiayi also participated in several internationalization projects examining the geographic representation of scholarship, authors, and editorial board members within school and educational psychology journals around the globe.

Jiayi lives in Raleigh, NC. In her free time, she likes cooking, baking, hiking, watching shows, hanging out with friends, and video chatting with her family in China.