Natasha Newson

Project Manager and Level 1 Research Associate

Natasha began working with Helps Education Fund in 2019 when she started as a doctoral student at North Carolina State University.  She contributes to ongoing work that is being done with the YMCA of the Triangle surrounding HELPS implementation, as well as facilitates an undergraduate course at NCSU focused on community-engaged scholarship in which students implement HELPS in the local community.  She is also involved in the research and development of the AMPPS program.

Natasha is a graduate of Bates College, where she earned her B.A. in Psychology and Mathematics in 2015.  After graduating, Natasha worked as a lab manager at Harvard University’s Lab for Developmental Studies for two years, and then as a data analyst at a startup in NYC for about two years before moving to North Carolina to begin her doctoral studies.

When she is not in class, working, or researching, Natasha enjoys baking, being outdoors, reading Harry Potter, and spending time with her dog, Scrappy.