Olivia Huckel

MSW Intern/HELPS Implementation Coach

Olivia Huckel got her BA in Public Policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in May 2020 and returned to UNC-CH to start her MSW in Fall 2021. While at UNC, she had the opportunity to study for a semester in Washington DC as a Policy Intern with the Autism Society of America which inspired her to investigate the intersection of direct service and policy practice.

Post-graduation from her undergraduate career, and at the height of the pandemic, Olivia chose to address community needs through the YMCA and worked at a Scholastic Support Center to assist families who needed child care through virtual learning. This experience provided a new perspective on social justice for Olivia through the lens of educational equity and access to resources. When deciding on her Field Placement for her first year of her MSW, Olivia found great interest in Helps Education Fund as an avenue to assess the impact education has on other social determinants and gain experience with a direct implementation program aimed toward closing achievement gaps.

Olivia’s main interests lie in policy development and advocacy for marginalized populations, particularly advocating for individuals with disabilities. While at Helps Education Fund, she is interested in discovering community partnerships and outreach services that are directed towards marginalized populations, specifically according to race and socio-economic standing.

Olivia lives in Raleigh, NC and enjoys spending her time with loved ones and committing to community service in her free time. She also loves playing board games, crafting, and watching Philadelphia sports teams with her dad!