Shannon O’Neal

Project Manager and Level 1 Research Associate

Shannon O’Neal joined Helps Education Fund in 2019 as a lead implementation coach. He was introduced to Helps Education Fund as an undergraduate working with Dr. John Begeny at N.C. State. Through that experience, Shannon was able to see the impact and promise that community engagement had on children in the Wake County area when paired with effective, research-based practices. After graduation, Shannon continued striving to help children through volunteer work and teaching.

Shannon earned a B.A. in Psychology from N.C. State in 2014 and then a CELTA certification to become an ESL instructor. In 2016, Shannon moved from Raleigh to Bangkok, Thailand where he was a lecturer and tutor at Chulalongkorn University. Shannon is currently working towards a Ph.D. at N.C. State.

Shannon lives in Raleigh, NC and when he’s not working, he enjoys being outdoors, listening to music, reading, and traveling.