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Corporate Volunteers

During the 2019-2020 school year, Corporate Volunteers made up 42% of active HELPS Tutors!

Volunteer Tutors

Companies within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community can make an impact and support the HELPS program in a variety of ways, such as providing volunteers to serve as tutors.

Many of our corporate HELPS volunteers tutor on a weekly basis. Some companies offer weekly, monthly, or annual paid volunteer hours for employees. Check with your company policies to find out if this applies to you!

Corporate volunteers can volunteer weekly or partner with another corporate volunteer, with the buddy system, to tutor once every two weeks. Visit our FAQs to find out how!

Partner companies will often work with us to arrange a company training for employees interested in becoming HELPS tutors. Click here to view our upcoming Corporate HELPS trainings to see if your company has one scheduled!

Are you a corporate volunteer coordinator? Are you interested in having us host a HELPS Tutor Training for your employees/staff? Click here to request a training. We will review your request and be in touch!

If you have questions or need more information, please view our FAQs.

Other ways to support us

One goal of Helps Education Fund is to provide research-based programs and services at no cost to the students who need them most.

Through financial contributions or other types of giving, corporate partners can support our efforts to deliver the HELPS program in Charlotte-Mecklenburg at no cost to schools or students.

Please contact Kimberly Perkins, Program Director, at or call 704-478-6056 X 705 to discuss these opportunities or to learn more.

Learn more about HELPS in Charlotte.

Volunteer Now!

Step 1

Submit CMS Background Check

Visit the CMS Volunteers website to complete your background check.

Still waiting for your background check clearance? View our FAQ for more info.

Step 2

Complete HELPS Training

For New HELPS Tutors:
Register for an upcoming HELPS training.

For Returning HELPS Tutors:
Complete online recertification training.

You can still attend training if your background check is pending or not yet submitted.

Step 3

Create Volunteer Matrix Account

Visit to create an account; this is where you will select your tutoring schedule.

Click "New Volunteer Registration" and follow the prompts to create your account.

If you intend to have a Corporate Buddy, be sure to click "Click Here if You Are a Biweekly Corporate Volunteer". Select your preferred school, day, and time. Then, if you have a Buddy, you can put their name here and email address here. If you do not have a buddy, leave the Buddy Name and Buddy Email Address blank; we will assign one for you.

If you have questions or challenges with creating your account, please contact Shelleah Jackson at or call (704) 478-6056 ext. 706.

Step 4

Sign Up for Tutoring 2-3 Students for 1 Hour/Week

If you are tutoring weekly, click the link and select only your first intended day/time to tutor, then select "Set to Recurring" before clicking submit. You will be able to make modifications to your selections to cancel days when you are unavialable after clicking Submit.

If you do not receive this email, visit Volunteer Matrix to view the calendar and sign up there. If the dates on the calendar say “Restricted”, this indicates that your training or background check have not been completed.

If you will be tutoring with a Corporate Buddy, please do not schedule yourself for tutoring. We will contact you directly to confirm your tutoring schedule.

Thank you to our 2019-2020
Corporate Partners and Volunteers!

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