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Helps Education Fund Mission: With a focus on improving educational equity and promoting a more just society, Helps Education Fund provides evidence-based programs and services that are free or low-cost and meaningfully advance student learning.


Position: Part-Time Literacy Tutor – Virtual Program Delivery (up to 20-25 hours/week)


Position Description: The Part-time Literacy Tutor will support Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) students in their reading fluency development by offering high-quality HELPS tutoring. The main purpose of HELPS is to strengthen students’ reading fluency and confidence as readers. HELPS has been rigorously researched and validated to improve students’ reading fluency, comprehension, and confidence. Target students have been identified as those who would most benefit from tutoring support and who have been most impacted by the current pandemic. Under the leadership and direction of Helps Education Fund, this position will be a CMS part-time, temporary employee reporting to Student Services.  Please read HELPS FAQ’s.


Responsibilities: Part-time Literacy Tutors have the following responsibilities and duties:

  • Implement the Virtual HELPS One-on-One Literacy intervention to approx. 10 students each week, with each student receiving 3-4 20 min. sessions per week
  • Establish a friendly, encouraging and welcoming virtual tutoring environment for students
  • Report to all assigned tutoring shifts on time  
  • Accurately complete all necessary forms per tutoring session
  • Provide advanced notice of any planned absences to Tutor Manager
  • Ensure tutor’s environment is distraction free 
  • Provide timely communication to Implementation Coach/ Site Coordinator regarding student progress and challenges 
  • Schedule tutoring appointments with parents and students, as needed 
  • Communicate with parents/guardians to support student attendance & provide updates on student progress
  • Maintain current tutoring log for CMS reporting/ payroll
  • Reinforce tutoring expectations of student to support positive behavior and learning


Requirements: Part-time Literacy Tutors should have the following skills, education and experience:

  • Minimum Age 18
  • Level of education required: Minimum high school diploma. High school-level English proficiency is required in order to model and correct students’ English reading skills, which include phonics, fluency, and comprehension. 
  • Start / end dates 6/7- 7/30 (with option to continue on thru August)
  • Consistent access to a personal, reliable computer/laptop device and reliable Internet.(including working camera, microphone and speakers)
  • Ability to work 20-25 hours/week within Monday- Friday 8-4pm
  • Successfully complete virtual training for specific HELPS tutoring intervention.
  • Participation in continuous coaching as professional development.
  • Complete the CMS pre-screening compliance requirements.  Would require at least one in person visit to Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools HR. 
  • Attend 100% of tutoring sessions, training, and job-related meetings with a maximum of 3 unscheduled absences. (Note: Children’s success depends on tutors’ mastery of each program’s tutoring concepts - it helps them progress through their reading improvement.)
  • Tutors may need to be able to meet with families and students in person, for example, to assist with connection to Internet (hotspots), computer devices, peripherals (e.g. headsets), and assist with family connections (e.g. collection of parental consent forms)
  • Proficiency with the Zoom platform and Google Docs/Sheets.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Comfort with Zoom to support families and students with some technical assistance and troubleshooting, as necessary.
  • Interested in continuing on through the school year 
  • Prior experience with fluency and/or reading intervention training as teachers, teaching assistants, paraprofessionals or volunteers.
  • Bilingual (English / Spanish) applicants are especially encouraged to apply.



  • Compensation: Rate per hour $19.77
    • Tutors will be paid for initial orientations and tutor training as well as on-going tutor coaching that occurs outside of student tutoring sessions
    • This position does not qualify for paid holiday time