Who We Are

Our Mission

With a focus on improving educational equity and promoting a more just society, Helping Education provides evidence-based programs and services that meaningfully advance student learning from birth through adulthood.

Our Principles

We believe that every person–regardless of race, age, religion, creed, sex, gender identity, national origin, citizenship status, economic background, presence of a disability, or incarceration history or status–deserves an effective education.

Financial costs should not prevent educators, families, and community organizations from being able to access effective instructional programs and services that have the capacity to support a person's education.

Who we partner with:

  • Individuals such as teachers, parents, university researchers, and any other community members who want to improve students’ education from birth through adulthood
  • Leaders working within schools, school districts, after-school programs, summer learning programs, educational nonprofits, and any organization that strives to improve student learning from birth through adulthood

Our Core Values

  • Equity in Education

    We promote equity in education by providing programs and services to ensure that all teachers, community educators, and families can access the materials they need to improve their students’ learning.

    We also seek out partnerships with educators and community organizations serving students of all ages who are economically and/or academically marginalized.

  • Authentic Collaboration

    We foster authentic collaboration among educators, university researchers, community members, and organizations. We aim to develop and implement evidence-based programs and services that will strengthen students’ skills in core content areas such as reading, writing, and math as well as in adult literacy, family literacy, and parenting.

  • Evidence for Effectiveness

    Through rigorous research and development, we only offer programs and services that have evidence of being usable and effective. We also assist our community partners with evaluating the impact of our programs and services at their respective sites.

  • Accessibility

    Our programs and services are offered for free or at the lowest possible cost to remove financial barriers from educators and community organizations serving students. Our programs are easy to implement and can be delivered by many different types of educators, from teachers to volunteers.

  • Merging Research with Practice

    The gap between research and practice is considered a significant problem in education. We strive to better merge research with practice through developing and disseminating research-validated programs and services that are free or low cost, accessible, and with authentic community collaboration.

Our Goals

  • Improve educational outcomes for students
  • Enhance educational equity
  • Build collaborative partnerships between university researchers and schools to develop and evaluate educational strategies and materials
  • Develop & disseminate research-validated programs and services that are accessible

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