Board of Directors

Paula Annunziato, MD


As a mother and pediatrician, I know that education has a foundational role in childhood. Yet not all children have access to the curriculum that meet their needs, particularly if a child has experienced interruptions due to health or family circumstances. Helps Education Fund provides effective programs that can bridge gaps in a local school curriculum, enable children to meet their learning goals, and set them up for future success.

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Lisa Campbell, CPA


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

As a banker, I have seen the importance of education to financial security.  I am excited to be a part of an organization that works to improve learning outcomes for students of all ages and increase their opportunities for long-term academic success and economic self-sufficiency.         

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Michael De Los Santos, MPS


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

I believe a fundamental part of success is education, and any adult or child who faces a barrier to education is going to fight an uphill battle to be successful. This is why I joined Helps Education Fund’s Board. I think the work we are doing to promote equitable access to educational programs is vital to the success of those who need those services. I am excited to do my part to help elevate this important work.

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GT Freeman, Ph.D.


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

I first learned of Helps Education Fund in 2014 when meeting its founder and Executive Director, Dr. Begeny. His passion for serving youth in historically underserved communities resonated with my own. I’m honored to work alongside the leadership and staff of Helps Education Fund to further the organization’s mission to improve educational outcomes by providing free or low-cost programs to educators, families, and students of all ages. 

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Mwenda KudumuBiggs, Ph.D.

Vice Chair

Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

I want to be a part of a solution that moves educational research from theory to practice. Helps Education Fund uses evidence-based education techniques to break down social barriers that prohibit a more just society.

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Raechel Levine


As a mom, my greatest passion lies with creating the brightest future for my daughter and all of her peers. I believe equitable quality of education is a key ingredient to helping children from all backgrounds access a brighter future. Opportunity inequality can start very early so I appreciate that Helps Education Fund’s focus starts at birth and continues through adulthood.

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Rajan Merchant, MBA


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

I joined Helps Education Fund because of our mission to provide free or low-cost educational programming to students from historically underserved schools.  Educational equity is a key driver in improving our local communities here in NC.

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Preeti Prabhu, M.A.


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

I believe that every child deserves equitable opportunities for growth and development. At Helps Education Fund, it is our constant endeavor to engender evidence-based learning outcomes through research and effective program delivery.

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Harihara Subramanium


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

Children are our future and the surest way to make this world a better place for all of us is to give them an even chance. They will never disappoint.

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Independent Evaluation

John Begeny, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator/Independent Evaluator, NC State Project

Why I started Helps Education Fund:

Educational inequities are far too prevalent around the world. Such inequities hinder individual and community empowerment and opportunities, and they foster systems of oppression and poverty.

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CLT Advisory Committee

Susan Daniel


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

Believing that all children deserve access to effective educational programming, I am grateful to be a part of this valuable organization that offers opportunity and success to young students and contributes to educational equity.

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Shantiqua Neely


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

I joined Helps Education Fund because it offers high-quality, evidence-based programs and services that center on educational equity.

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Jenene Seymour


Why I joined Helps Education Fund:

I am passionate about advocating for marginalized students and communities. I am inspired by Helps Education Fund’s approach to promoting educational equity through its high-quality evidence-based programs and services. Their work offers critical pathways to interrupt current cycles of poverty and illiteracy that are far too common in our society today.

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